Monday, April 23, 2012

End of the year grades: The forwards

Well, now that the year is over, it is time to reflect on the year that was and look forward to next year. I thought it would be good to share how I thought each player played this season. We will do the forwards today, defenseman/ goalies tomorrow.

Paul Carey- A-. I thought Paul Carey had his best season ever at The Heights this season and really became a force on the ice whenever he was out there. He was one of those guys that could do PP, PK, and every situation in between. Great season.

Pat Mullane- B+. Like Paul, Pat Mullane had his best season as an Eagle so far this season. He struggled in the early goings but he scored huge goals in the Beanpot, Hockey East championship, and NCAA tournament.

Johnny Gaudreau- A. Definitely one of the best, if not the best (well besides Gionta) freshman ever at BC. He could make plays and score like no one I have ever seen at this level. To have him back next year is going to be huge for this team.

Barry Almeida- A. Like his fellow senior Paul Carey, Barry Almeida became a star this year thanks to more playing time and hard work. In his earlier years, he didn't get talked about too much and was very underrated. This year however, he was phenomenal and played a huge role in the teams success.

Steve Whitney- B+. You may remember at mid season when I gave Steven a C or something for his performance to that point. Well ever since the Beanpot, Steven Whitney has been one of the best players on this team without a doubt. He scored huge goals all season long. Can't wait to have him back.

Bill Arnold- B+. Definitely one of the best two way players on this team. He scored the biggest non NCAA tournament goal in the history of BC hockey in the finals of the Beanpot versus BU so yes, he gets a good grade.

Chris Kreider- B. Ok, Chris was one of the better players on this team but in some games this year, he just looked like he was out of it. Yes, he brought his stuff to the big games but for a time in the season, he looked like he had lost his game. Overall though, very solid career at BC.

Kevin Hayes- B-. Kevin had an up and down year in my mind, as he didn't get off to a great start but finished up really well I thought as the year came to an end. I mean he had the winning goal in the National Semifinal versus Minnesota. Look for him to have a big year next year.

Destry Straight- B At the start of the season, Destry really struggled to find his game but as the year progressed, he like Kevin Hayes, benefited from playing with Chris Kreider. I thought Destry really turned up his game right around the Vermont game (In Burlington) and never seemed to look back.

Quinn Smith- B. I really like this kid for a lot of reasons. First of all, you can see that he is as tough as nails. He goes into the corner and battles whenever his team needs him to. As he gets more ice time in his next three years, I think he will really start to shine here at BC.

Mike Sit- B-. Mike Sit may not have the stats that someone like Johnny G has but he still had a pretty solid freshman year at BC. He has speed, is good at the faceoff dot, and works as hard as anyone on that team. Pretty solid first year.

Danny Linell B + - Like his linemates Smith and Linell, I think Danny Linell is going to become a really solid hockey player for this program in the next three years. He is skilled and can make plays while also being one of the better defensive forwards on the team. Great first season.

Pat Brown- N/A

Tommy Atkinson- N/A

Cam Spiro- N/As

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