Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Grading the defenseman and goalies

While this team was led by star forwards such as Johnny G, Chris Kreider, and Barry Almeida, the main reason we won the National Championship is because the defenseman improved drastically throughout the year and Parker Milner became the best goalie in the country. Here are the "final" grades.

Tommy Cross- A. After three years in which he was down with injuries, this was by far and away Tommy's best season at BC. He, along with Brian Dumoulin, were the anchors for this team on the defensive side of the puck. He had an outstanding season and I hope to see him in a Bruins jersey soon. future.

Brian Dumoulin- A +. While I am pretty young and don't remember the days of Mike Mottau and Andrew Albers too much, Brian Dumoulin is the best defenseman I have personally seen at Boston College. Ask Coach York himself, he would certainly say that Brian is one of the best overall players he has ever coached. He had an amazing year and will be a really solid player for Carolina someday.

Pat Wey- B. I don't think Pat Wey had a bad season by any means but he certainly will need to improve in the summer and prepare to be the #1 defenseman for this team next year. He, like Cross, has had some injury problems as of late so he needs to make sure he is healthy and ready to go next year. He could end up being Captain as well...

Patch Alber- B. Patch Alber, in my opinion, was one of the most improved players on this hockey team. He really started playing strong in his own zone this year, something that he struggled with in his previous two years. Look for him to have a very nice year next season.

Isaac Macleod- B. By far and away the most improved player on this team. Last year, he didn't play in every game but thanks to some hard work and close attention to detail, Isaac definitely improved his game this season. I really look forward to seeing his progress over the next two seasons.

Edwin Shea- B-. Out of his four years here at BC, Edwin Shea certainly had his best season this year. While he doesn't get very good stats, he tends to be a very solid defenseman most of the time. Sometimes however, he can struggle in his own zone. I wish him the best in his post BC life.

Mark Begert- N/A

Parker Milner- A. Yes, he struggled in the early goings of the season but once the team returned from Orono, Maine, something happend to Parker Milner. Thanks to hard work with Coach Louge, Parker became the best goaltender not only in Hockey East, but in the entire country. Next year could be a monster year for him.

Chris Venti- B-. While Chris didn't play too much, he certainly had a big impact on this team. He led the squad to a beautiful 3-2 win at Fenway versus Northeastern and was a real leader off the ice. Best of luck to Chris as he moves on from BC.

Brian Billett- He beat BU 6-1. That right there is just amazing.

Brad Barone- N/A.

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