Thursday, June 26, 2014

Draft Preview

Tomorrow night, the 2014 NHL draft will commence in Philadelphia, ironically in the same building the Eagles' season ended in the Frozen Four vs the eventual National Champs, Union. I am not one of those guys that can go out and project the draft because honestly, I don't know much about the non NCAA bound kids. From a BC prospective, everyone is very hopeful that three Eagles get selected in the first round. There are multiple websites that project the picks of each team so what I will do is compile them for you to see for yourself.

Alex Tuch-

Future Considerations (20, San Jose) 

My NHL (18, Minnesota) 

Hockey (17, Philly)

Hockey Prospectus (13, Washington)

Jr Hockey Buzz (17, Philly)

Larry Fisher (15, Detroit)

Draft (19, Tampa Bay)

Puck Rant (10, Tampa Bay)

Sonny Milano-

Future Considerations (16, Columbus)

My NHL (17, Philly)

Hockey (16, Columbus)

Hockey Prospectus (11, Nashville)

Jr Hockey Buzz (21, St. Louis)

Larry Fisher (17, Philly)

Draft Site. com (25, Boston)

Puck Rant (22, Pittsburgh)

Thatcher Demko

Future Considerations (27, Chicago)

Draft Site (44, Washington)

Hockey Prospectus (28, Tampa Bay)

I don't know much about the draft but here are my guesses.....

Alex Tuch- 16 Columbus

Sonny Millano- 22 Pittsburgh (wishful thinking....go pens)

Thatcher Demko- 27 Chicago

Also a solid chance Scotty Savage gets drafted in the 6th or 7th round. If all four of these guys get drafted, Boston College would have 13 NHL draft picks on their team (that includes Miles Wood so it could be 12)

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