Sunday, March 22, 2015

Let's Go

Before we dive into what lies ahead this week, let's take a step back and talk about what this team accomplished this season. Trust me, I know, the expectation at BC will always be to win the National Title but this year presented some challenges unlike any other in recent memory. The losses to Harvard, UConn, Denver, and arch-nemesis Boston University, all within a one week span, had a lot of fans (one in particular) up in arms over the direction of this team but like he does every single year, Coach York got the guys ready for some of it's biggest games of the season and they were able to secure a tournament berth. I know, it's been  very difficult to watch Boston University skate around the Garden with those trophies but don't worry, we will win all of those next year by a combined total of 100-0. I don't want to say the Beanpot and Hockey East tournaments don't matter but in Coach York's world, there is really only one trophy that counts. I think each and every fan should be very proud of what this team and this coaching staff have accomplished over the course of these past three months, especially considering what had taken place earlier in the year.

With all that being said, we're not in this tournament for participation medals. We are in it to win and I'm telling you right now, any time you have that guy behind the bench, you've got a shot. Every single media outlet whether it's the Globe, certain college hockey reporters, ESPN, etc has decided to crown Jack Eichel like he is the second coming of Jesus. That's just the way Coach York wants it. Usually, the local media will swarm Conte Forum during the week of the NCAA's for practice, in fact, I've seen a whole section filled with cameras once. That won't happen this year (it will next year). They'll all be down the street talking about how BU is going to make the world right by winning the National Title in Boston thanks to the greatest thing to ever hit the Earth. Good. That is just the way he wants it. No one is giving us a chance to win this region, I mean, you would think we've never played in this thing before. Everything these guys have been through this year- the hype surrounding their arch rivals, the over the top celebrations from Northeastern and Vermont, the seemingly insurmountable struggle in November, injuries, angry bloggers, you name it, all they wanted was a chance to play for a National Title and they earned that this afternoon. I must have had ten people say to me today that making the Frozen Four would just be icing on the cake because of how "bad" this BC team is. Just do me a favor and keep doubting him.

Obviously, Denver is going to be without a doubt the toughest game of the season. We'll get into it more as the week progresses but they have the best D core in the country outside of Chestnut Hill, led by senior stud Joey LaLeggia. They boast a talented group of forwards and are in my opinion, the best coached team in the country sans BC. We played a heck of a series vs them in late October as both games were absolute nail bitters and I expect Saturday to be the same, except we have a little bit of a home ice advantage this time around.

Let's see what the greatest coach in the history of colligate athletics has in store for the rest of the college hockey world this time around. Only this time, no one will notice.

And that is just the way he wants it.



  1. So this year since BC hasn't won nothing those trophies don't mean as much hahah man kid u losing your mind next u gonna say Jonny diver is much better player the ichel let's get serious buddy if ichel stayed as long as Jonny g it's no contest... This post is absolutely insane but what ever makes u sleep at night keep saying it... In York u trust let's see....

  2. Rui Estrela: I am not surprised that a BU fan displays such a lack of basic sports blogging etiquette. Why don't you do us all a favor and stick with the BU blogs as the place to deposit your insightful gems?

  3. Eddie u must be another BC baby who cries when things go bad typical ... If u don't like what I post don't read it buddy ...good luck ..BC sucks ...go Bu!!!

  4. We'll see. All of my colleges from root for Eagles.