Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Staff Lands Top 2001 Forward

Remember when a certain blog kept complaining about the recruiting? How things have changed.

The staff received a commitment from the top 2001 forward in the United States this evening, Nobles freshman Pat Moynihan. The Minuteman Flames product reportedly received offers from all the big time programs, including arch rival Boston University.

What can I say? BC's teams for the next couple years are going to be very, very good thanks to what the staff has done on the recruiting trail. Moynihan, Knight, and Samuelsson all have the chance to be big time players when they arrive at BC. It's hard to label such a young kid as a "game changing" recruit but this certainly is one of their biggest wins in a long time. USHR described Moynihan as "the most complete player at this stage in his development and a standout player on a very strong team."

Obviously, a lot can change between now and the time this kid arrives on campus but for now, BC has itself one heck of a hockey player.

Walsh, Tortora, Moynihan, Giles, Cassetti, and McPhee on the same team? You?

Go Eagles !!

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