Thursday, May 19, 2011

Projecting the 2011-2012 line up


1. Kreider-Whitney-Carey








The Eagles first two lines should be good. Kreider Whitney and Carey all have great speed and are great offensive weapons, but I worry about their D zone play. Almeida Hayes and Mullane is a great line, and could be the first line because of how good of a defensive line they should be. Almedia and Mullane have great speed, to go along with big man Kevin Hayes in front. The third line is tough to figue out. I think Danny Linell could be very good. He has a ton of speed, and could be a dangerous offensive weapon. If Linell produces, the Eagles may just surprise people around the country. The tough schedule to start the year may really help this team. Starting off with Air Force, a team that was in the NCAA tournament last year, and maybe a chance to play North Dakota will really help this team as they come home to play Denver and on the road at UNH. I personally think BC will do good this year. I expect to make the NCAA tournament via the Hockey East tournament. I do not think they will get an automatic bid, but Hockey East may not be that good this year. I also expect to win another Beanpot. Northeastern will be tough in the first round, but they loose there first line, plus leading scorer vs BC Brodie Reid. The biggest key to the Eagles this year will be goaltending. I am interested to see if Parker Milner can perform at a level people think he can, he is very talented, but can he perform is what we will wait and see.

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