Sunday, June 26, 2011

BU sends a couple high in the draft. Are they for real?.....NO.


Last year BU lost all four games to our Eagles, they missed the NCAA's, they didn't win the beanpot basically they didn't really do anything. If you go to BU blogs and college hockey websites you will read about how great Adam Clending, Matt Nieto, and Garrett Noonan are because they got drafted in the second and third rounds of the draft. I really do not believe any of these guys will be quality NHL players. I mean when you watch these guys do they really stand out to you?  I saw BU four times last year and I can say one thing, Adam Clending, Garrett Noonan, and Matt Nieto are not NHL prospects. I will give you Charlie Coyle, he could be the only player on BU that scares me. Garrett Noonan had 3 goals and 5 assist last year, you tell me are those great numbers? Yes he plays power play for BU but he doesn't have an NHL shot. A person in Hockey East that has an NHL shot would be Tommy Cross or Cam Atkinson. Let me ask you this question, who would you rather have on your team... Matt Nieto or Cam Atkinson (Who went 6th round last year), (Nieto went second round). When you watch BU next year, they will probably be good, but watch and see if the guys really stand out to you because when I watch they do not stand out to me.


  1. Cam Atkinson? Really? No way he makes the NHL and if he does he'll play about 3 games. Yes he has a good shot but his like 5-8, not going to stand up in NHL.

  2. Matt who's a better hockey player Cam Atkinson or Matt Nieto. Who would you rather have on your tem? this is without question Cam Atkisnon. Brian Gionta is the smallest player in the NHL at 5'6 and he seems to be having a pretty good carrer.