Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Huskies hire Jim Madigan to lead hockey team

 Northeastern has hired former player and assistant coach Jim Madigad to take over as head coach. Madigan was working as a scout for the Pittsburgh Penguins. In all his former years at NU Perhaps Madigan's greatest acomplishment is he brought three Beanpots to NU (twice as a player, once as a coach). Here are my thoughts one the hire. I think Madigan brings a wealth of hockey knowledge to the table. Obviously he has expirence from college and the NHL. Here are the two problems. Number one is his team is going to be terrible next year. They lose thier whole first line and their best young  player in Brodie Reid. NU does have a strong goaltender in Rawlings but he has never played well in a big game. Heres my other problem. Can this guy recruit ? Yes he is a former assistant coach but that was in 1992. Things have changed. Now you have so many good hockey teams in the league. Back then it was BU and Maine. Now its BC, BU, Maine, UNH and Merrimack. NU has lost a couple of recruits because of Cronin. Are the recruits happy with Madigan and willing to return ? who knows. My final thought is NU is going to need to give this guy some time or else nothing is going to work.

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