Thursday, July 14, 2011

What will the Fighting Irish do ?

With all of this conference shifting, one major program is being left out. BC's secondary rival the Irish of Notre Dame.  So What is Notre Dame hockey going to do ? They have a couple options. Their first option is they could join the newly formed National Colligate Hockey Conference with Denver, North Dakota, Minnesota Duluth, Nebraska Omaha, Colorado College and Miami. People may suddenly think why wouldn't they join this league ? it has the best teams.  Some would argue, including myself. I have always believed Hockey East is the toughest and best league in college hockey year in and year out. If you take the top four teams in Hockey East vs these teams in this new league, Hockey East could win. The question is Year in and year out whose better BC, BU, UNH, and Maine or Denver, North Dakota, Colorado College, and Miami. Notre Dame's biggest issue will be travel. No matter what league they decided to join, they will have to travel a lot. Im just saying if I were the Irish I would join Hockey East because every game in Hockey East is such a fun and grueling battle. Teams in that conference like Miami and Denver are not really rivals yet, so those games wouldn't be as intense as a game in Hockey East that features two of the top teams. From a Boston College hockey standpoint I would LOVE to see the Irish join Hockey East. I think the BC Notre Dame rivalry would sky rocket and Notre Dame could become BC's new secondary archival. A BC Notre Dame hockey game in Chestnut Hill would feature a packed house, and it would be the same at any other venue in Hockey East.

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