Saturday, August 27, 2011

Taking a look at..... The Merrimack College Warriors

Last season was by far the best season in Merrimack hockey history as Mark Dennehy's squad went to the NCAA tournament for just the second time ever and made their first trip to the Hockey East Championship game. This year, Merrimack looses star forwards Stephanie DeCosta, Joe Cucci, and Chris Barton. On the defensive side of the puck, MC looses Frazer Allan and Adam Ross. Merrimack's best returners are Ryan Flanigan and Jesse Todd who are probably their best returners. Last year was a great year for Merrimack and their fans. It was cool to see them rise up and really compete with the "big four, but they still haven't won anything big. They haven't won a championship, and they will realize that to be the best, you have to beat the best, when it really matters. Yes, MC did beat BC, BU, UNH, and Maine multiple times last year but, they haven't gotten to the upper portion of Hockey East because they have yet to beat those teams consistently. Im not going to say they were a fluke, but im not ready to say their that good. Merrimack will be good this year, but not that good.

Key losses- Stephanie DeCosta, Joe Cucci, and Chris Flanigan

Key Returnees- Jesse Todd, Jordan Heywood, Joe Cannata

Prediction- Loose to Maine in Hockey East quarters.


  1. Hard to say this as a BU fan but great blog... check out mine

  2. I agree great blog, but just wondering how MC can lose to Maine in HE Semis even though you said Maine would lose to BC in HE Semis

  3. thx guys and i fixed it. Matt your blog is great im on it all the time.