Saturday, September 17, 2011

What is the state of Boston College Athletics right now ?

For those of you that watched BC's football get embarrassed at home vs a team that hasn't had a winning record this decade you may ask the same question that I am.....what is the state of Boston College athletics.
First of all, we need to get rid of Gene Deflippo. This guy continues to throw basketball and football in reverse, and does not give Jerry York and the hockey team the credit it deserves. Now this is a hockey blog, but Frank Spaziani needs to get out. His defensive stinks and we need an offense. I like the way basketball is headed, I really like the hire of Steve Donahue, and I think it will be just a couple years before BC gets good at basketball again. Right now at BC, there is only one real good men's athletic team. Im not saying this because im a BC hockey guy, im saying this as a BC athletics fan. Gene Deflippo needs to get out of Chestnut Hill, he would be a great fit at BU because he doesn't know how to run an athletic program. I was embarrassed just being an eagle fan at that game today, losing to Duke in football. BC is better then that, that performance out their by players, coaches, and most definitely the athletic director are just pathetic, someone has to step up, Depflipos gotta go.

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