Saturday, October 1, 2011

BU loses to St Francis Xavier

Just looking at this title should make you go "what" ? Yeah, it happend. BU just lost 6-4 to St Francis Xavier, a Canadian hockey team. For those of you that don't know anything about Canadian hockey, you should know their college teams should NEVER beat American teams. I went to this game, sporting my BC hat and sweatshirt and got a lot of crap from the Terrier faithful. BU looked awful in the first two periods. Now I only stayed for the first two periods, after which BU down 5-0. They did manage to have a great third period but anyway, losing 6-4 to a Canadian hockey team ?  This year, everybody in the media says, "BU going to run away with Hockey East this year ", "Kerrian Millian is the best goalie in the league" well after what I saw from BU Saturday night, I was embarrassed to be a fan of Hockey East. Millan is horrible, he is scared of the puck, and could not stop anything all night. If he is BU's goalie all through this year, well im loving the Eagles chances to win Hockey East agian this year. Granted this was an exhibition game, but I have to tell you Kerrian Millan ? Are you kidding me ? He is horrible. They say we are going to have goalie problems. From what I saw from Millan today, I would choose Parker Millner over him ANYDAY.  Besides a BC win, there really is no better way to start the college hockey season with seeing Jack Parker and BU loose an exhibition game to a Canadian hockey team.

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  1. Ok yeah Millan played like a total sieve last night, but SFX has already played two games and held weeks of team practices (unlike american colleges) oh and by the way, Northeastern lost to them 8-5 today.