Friday, October 14, 2011

Eagles fall to Denver

Adam Murray had 21 saves for Denver.
Tonight was a night to forget if your a BC hockey fan. The Eagles were out skated, out hit, and out played by a very good Denver Pioneers hockey team. Don't get me wrong, BC did not play well, but Denver was very good and I was impressed with how big and tough they were compared to BC. BC had a very good third period, as the teams went up and down the ice, but the Eagles were not able to capitalize on any chances including multiple odd rushes. Heres why the Eagles lost.

Reasons BC lost. 

1. Denver is a better hockey team right now. I would be shocked if they are not in the Frozen Four.

2. The power play was very bad in a lot of ways. BC could never get things set up when a man up. BC did have a power play goal, but the Eagles were 1/5 on the mad advantage, that is terrible.

3. Not to make an excuse but the ice was HORRENDOUS. For being the fastest team in the country, the ice BC plays on is horrible, it is slow and sticky making it virtually unplayable. For as long as I have been following BC hockey I still can't believe we don't have Air Conditioning in our rink (we are the only team in college hockey that does not). Gene DeFlippo strikes again.


1. I know Kevin Hayes had two points, but he really did not have a great game tonight. On three occasions he had a 2-1 with another BC forward and two of those times, there was no shot nd he didnt pick up his man on a DU goal.

2. Tommy Cross had three penalties tonight, that cannot be happening. He is the leader of defense and needs to be out there for key situations.

3. Goalie change ? I know it was only three goals but Parker Milner looked shaky and nervous all game. Maybe a goalie change for tomorrows matchup @ UNH.


1. Penalty Kill continued to be great, Denver 0/4 on the power play.

2. Gaudreau-Mullane-Whitney line was good. Expect line changes for tomorrows game vs UNH first and second line were not good. Fourth line was good for BC tonight good game from Pat Brown.

3. BU lost to Providence


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