Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What are BU people thinking ?

I read an article on a BU website today and the writer was trying to prove his point on why Jack Parker should step down as BU's hockey coach. I personally cannot believe that someone especially a BU fan is calling for Jack Parker, one of the greatest coaches in college sports history to step down. I know your probably saying what ? why are my defending Jack Parker ? I ll tell you why. College hockey and Boston sports in general need this man behind this bench. I have always and will always root against Jack Parker and his club but I can tell you one thing, I will always respect how he coaches and how his team plays. Jack Parker is top three best college hockey coaches ever, and he also has the most wins at one school by any coach. Jack Parker has bought that school four National Championships and twenty one Beanpots. Thats amazing. Everytime I attend a BU BC game (it has been a while since I have missed one) I get so nervous watching that scarlet shirted army skate onto that ice and the general that has been leading them for 39 years step onto the bench because I know they are going to give it all they have. Everyone knows about BC vs BU and Coach York vs Coach Parker and the history behind it...think about it...would it be the same rivalry if Coach York and his Eagles faced off against say Mike Bavis and the Terriers ? No.

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  1. good points but parker has only won three national championships, 1978 (against BC) 1995 and 2009.