Saturday, November 19, 2011

So where do the Eagles stand ?

After last nights brutal 3-2 OT loss to a good Notre Dame team, some how, some way, the Eagles moved up to # 4 in the pairwise rankings (which are by far the most important rankings). In terms of Hockey East, BC remains in first place and will remain there at least until the big weekend vs that other school in two weeks. The game against Yale on Saturday is a game of epic proportions since the Bulldogs are also ranked high in the pairwise, currently sitting at # 5. I know it's early in the season, but so far, even though we had that awful performance vs BU, this season has been a success. This was supposed to be a down year for BC and right now they are in the top five in the country. That right there is another example of great coaching. These next two weeks are critical in terms of how the rest of the season will go. With games against Yale and BU (x2) this young Eagle squad must be up for the task and give it's absolute best effort if it wants to get back on top.



  1. yeah, i went there over the sumer just to look around the place, but I've never seen an actual game there... You going down?

  2. yhea it should be fun. kind of a pain tho its 2.5 hours

  3. Im going to NYC for the BU Cornell game at Madison Square Garden which should be fun... Locking forward to the first weekend in December