Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Eagles defeat Friars 4-1

Paul Carey had four points for BC

The Providence Friars came in red hot and feeling great about themselves going into a big time matchup with the Eagles. The Friars will go back to Ptown disappointed after a 4-1 loss to the Eagles in a game where a solid Eagles defense gave up just 18 shots to a struggling Friar offense. I really liked the way the Eagles played team defense tonight. They didn't turn it over to much aand they got the puck up the ice to their speedy forwards who put shots on net. That is the key to BC's up tempo style, the defenseman clearing the puck away from Billett and getting the puck up the ice. I thought all four lines had very strong points in the game. The line of the night would have to be the Haye-Carey-Almedia line as they really put good pressure on the Friars and accounted for three Eagle goals. As for PC, their style really doesn't allow them to beat high powered teams like BC because the Friars are a very defense first team that has an absoulty outstanding goaltender who played very well tonight. Up front, the Friars are no where as deep as the Eagles are and it showed because our third and fourth lines were all over the Friar's bottom two lines. I thought the PP was better tonight, as the second unit was able to give the Eagles a two goal lead when Carey made a great dish out to Almeida who was the player of the game with two goals on the night. The win gives the Eagles a little more comfort with a five point lead over MC and That Other School in Hockey East. Brain Billett continued his outstanding play, stopping 17 of 18 Providence shots.

Why BC won

1. Team defense. Get pucks out of the zone and up to the forwards. Thats what the Eagles did very well   tonight.

2. The Friars looked wared down. All the speed and quickness of BC really caught up with the Friars who looked tired at the end.

3. Paul Carey and Barry Almeida were spectacular. The two Seniors both had one of their best games all season, combining for six points on the night.

4. Brian Billett really looks good. I really like what this kid is doing in net, as he had to make some key stops when the game was just 2-1 in the third.


1. Not to many. I thought the Eagles did a great job of sticking to the gameplan and waring down the Friars.

Next Up- @ Lowell on Friday.

Player(s) of the game- No doubt about this one. Carey and Almeida.

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