Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pat Mullane Interview

Today I was fortunate enough to sit down with Eagle forwards Pat Mullane and Johnny Gaudreau. I would first of all like to thank both guys for taking the time to talk with me after a long, hard practice. I mainly asked about how it feels to be in the “Frozen Four” and how the team has been able to turn the ship around after being swept by the Maine Black Bears in late January. Both guys were very forthcoming with me and for that I thank them and hope to talk with them again soon. Here it is 

Pat Mullane Interview 

Question One- How does it feel to be back in the Frozen Four after losing to Colorado College last season ? 

Pat- Obviously, it feels great to be back as a team. You know, freshman year, I didn’t have as big of a role as I do this year (obviously). My first year we kind of walked through everyone and everyone was like “wow”. Last season you know we found out that you know, this is hard to do. We said this year we’re going to show up and we’re going to play hard. We know how hard it is to get back and that flight down to Tampa will be fun. 

Question Two- How have Paul, Johnny, and yourself developed into such a powerful line ?

Pat- You know, I think it’s just a lot of different dynamics. We get along together and we all play an honest brand of hockey. We all play a brand that is inside our comfort level. Paul Carey does what he does well. He uses his speed and size really well and Johnny you know, he is really skilled and we want to get him the puck down the stretch. With myself, I am focused on improving my play in the defensive zone, especially on the defensive zone faceoffs. 

Question Three- What is the biggest thing that has changed since being swept up in Orono ? 

Pat- I think everyone has kind of bought in so to say. Everyone has bought into Boston College hockey you know, buying into what the team wants to accomplish, not you own personal goals. We need to put the team first and the goal of winning as a team first and foremost. So, if you watch, guys are getting pucks in deep and and not turning the puck over as often. For myself, you now I would turn it over and I would say “No big deal” no when I do that, I am more bought in and when I don’t have a play, I am getting it in deep. 

Question Four- What do you guys know about the Gophers ?

Pat- Well you know, I was getting bored in class today and looked at their stats and said  you know wow they have some great players that can put the puck in the net like Haula, Rau, and Bjugstad that can really put the puck in the net but if you look at our team, we also have some guys that can really put the puck in the net so it should be a great matchup. I also know their goaltender (Patterson) is playing extremely well right now so it will be a fun matchup for us. 

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