Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ranking BC Hockey's Top 5 Rivals

There really hasn't been a lot to write about the last couple of weeks so I needed to think of something that would maybe make for an interesting story. I often think about, "Who are BC Hockey's biggest rivals" ? Well, you all know who is #1 and if you don't then well I don't know what to say. But after The Other School, it is a bit of a toss up between two and five. I am sure everyone has their own opinions on who the programs biggest rivals are, but here is how I see it.

1. Don't Even Ask.

2. Northeastern. Here is where it gets hard. Everybody knows that BC Hockey's biggest rival is BU but after that, everyone has their own thoughts about who are BC's other big rivals. I am going to go with Northeastern at #2 because they are a crosstown, Beanpot, and Hockey East rival. While it can be said that the Huskies are not very competitive with BC every year, they certainly are in the top five because they are a Beanpot and in league rival.

3. Harvard. If you ask former BC players that played in the 50's, and 60's, I am sure most of them would tell you that their most hated school is Harvard, not BU. If BC and Harvard were still in the same league like they used to be, I am pretty sure the Crimson would be #2 on this list but because we don't see them as much anymore, they are not as high as NU or BU.

4. Notre Dame. If you went around campus and asked say 100 students about who BC's biggest rival overall is, I would bet nearly all of them would say Notre Dame. Hockey wise, the Irish are not BC's biggest rival, that is not yet anyways. When Notre Dame comes over to Hockey East in two years, I am sure that the rivalry between these two Catholic rivals will sore. For now however, the Irish remain at #4 because they only play BC once a year (at most).

5. UNH. Over the years, it seems that the Eagles and the Wildcats have played in some huge games against each other whether it be in the regular or post season. Every BC UNH game is close (Except for the one earlier this year) and hard fought. I think there is a huge amount of respect between the coaching staffs of both teams and it is certainly always fun to watch these teams play.

Others not listed- UMass, Maine, North Dakota, and Michigan. 

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