Monday, June 18, 2012

Catching Up

How about that US Open ? My boy Lee Westwood almost had it but he is saving it for the British (I hope). Anyways, since I have not posted anything on here in a week, I thought we could do some catching up. The NHL Draft is coming up later this week and you could very well see some future recruits have their names called in Pittsburgh. Incoming recruit Mike Matheson is ranked in the top thirty prospects according to most scouting agencies so we will see where he winds up. Others to keep an eye on are Frank Vatrano, Chris Calnan (13) are both ranked in the top seventy five according to most websites and incoming defenseman Travis Jeke could also hear his name called this weekend. I don't think the draft postion/place will have any effect on whether or not the player will still come to the Heights because pro teams are usually very high on programs like BC. Other than that, there is not much going on in the world of college hockey recruiting. On the scheduling front, there was one major change I had to make on the left and that is that BC will be @ Northeastern the first week of the year. I previously had NU coming to BC in the first week of the season but NU released it's schedule last week and it showed that they were coming to BC the week after. Northeastern is going to be very young next year so it will be interesting to see how they play in their second and third games versus the defending National Champs. The only Hockey East teams that have not released their schedules as of now are BC (won't be out until late summer/early fall), Maine, UMass, Vermont, and BU. One thing we do know is BC will take on archrival BU in the first weekend of December like always. The locations of the games are not 100 % but I believe BC will host on Saturday and BU will "host" BC on Friday.

There have not been anymore early departures in Hockey East since Adam Clendening escaped from the other side of Comm Ave but Steve Quailer of Northeastern officially signed with the Montreal Canadiens last week. It was known for a long time that Quailer was exiting Huntington Ave but the details were not made final until last week. Other news around the league is that UMass assistant coach and former Lowell head coach Blaise MacDonald is leaving Amherst to take over as head coach at Colby College. To be honest, I don't see MacDonald being at Colby for very long because once some division one coaching spots turn up, he will be on some colleges' short list. Well, I wish I had more for you but right now I don't. I hope all of you are enjoying your summers. 

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