Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's Official, UConn set to join Hockey East in 2014.

Today, the athletic directors in the Hockey East conference voted to let the University of Connecticut become the 12th team in the conference. The Huskies will also be joined by Notre Dame (who will come to the conference in in 2013) as the new teams in the conference. Personally, I like the move IF UConn can upgrade it's rink. Freitas Forum is a lot like Merrimack as it looks more like a high school rink than a college one. It is good however that the conference is getting a school that is very well known throughout the country and has a solid fanbase. Another reason I like the move is because we all know that BC and UConn have a little bit of history in the past (Not in hockey but in other sports). No, it's not as good as the move to get Notre Dame was but it's still good in the sense that the conference picked up a school that has a large fanbase and could attract fans if they start getting better. One thing that I think UConn will/should do is that when some of the bigger name schools (BC, BU UNH, Maine) come to town they will play in the XL Center in Hartford. UConn's basketball teams play all of their games in the XL but it would cost the university some money if they decided to go that route. I don't think that Hockey East would have allowed UConn to come unless they promised to play at the XL or upgrade their facilities. All in all though, I like the move for the conference and I think it's nice that BC has another rival. Then again they won't be up there with Notre Dame and certainly not with BU in terms of BC Hockey's rivals.

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