Sunday, July 15, 2012

UMass hires John Micheletto...Are You Serious ?

Today, a report came out that UMass has hired Vermont assistant coach John Micheletto for their head coaching postion, replacing former coach Toot Cahoon. Unlike last time with Rand Pecknold, multiple people have confirmed the move. First of all, I want to make clear that I have never met Micheletto and I hear he is a great guy so none of what I am going to say is personal but the more I think about this, the more I realized that if true, this hire makes absolutely no sense for UMass but more importantly, for Hockey East. Sure, people will say  "O yea, great recruiter or " he runs a great power play". The bottom line is however, UVM came in dead last place this past season in Hockey East. They had the worst scoring offense in the league and had the 8th ranked power play in the league. DEAD LAST place in Hockey East. Sure, the guy has had minimal success but compared to Coach Cav, this guy has done absolutely nothing. Let's compare Micheletto's resume to Coach Cav's. Micheletto has helped UVM get to one Frozen Four, they have zero National Titles, and they also have zero league titles (regular or post season). Ever since their Frozen Four in 09, UVM has finished 8th, 7th, and they missed the playoffs last year. At BC, Coach Cav has helped lead the Eagles to four National Championships, 6 Beanpots, and 9 Hockey East tournament titles. Wow.

Looking for head coaching experience ? Micheletto was the head coach at the Hill School and was an assistant at Notre Dame and Union before coming to UVM. So, unlike previous reports, McCutcheon decided to hire a guy that really has no head coaching experience. I am still trying to figure out if reports are true that McCutcheon didn't leave BC on the best of terms, because it appears very obvious that he wanted nothing to do with the two Boston College assistant coaches. O by the way, in the three games UVM played the Eagles last year, BC outscored UVM by a total of 15-1. If the guy is a great recruiter why have they finished in the bottom half in the league every year since their Frozen Four ? What was UVM's record last year ? 6-27-1. Why do I care so much about who UMass hires as their coach ? To be honest, if it wasn't going to be Coach Cav or Coach Brown, I really wouldn't have cared. But let's be honest, if we are at a point in our league where teams are hiring guys who's teams have been just awful the past couple years, then I don't know what to say. Just a little side note that Notre Dame is entering the league next year. Let's see how a team that has talent but also has a coach who's old team went 6-27-1 last season fares against Maine, BU, Notre Dame, and the defending National Champs.


  1. BCHB,
    I for one don't want our AC's to go much of anywhere. I take it they are content, well-paid, and hesitant to go to a ramshackle program with NO job security. Jumping from BC to jump onto a sinking ship is likely the last thing in their mind. Not to mention, as much as we all love Jerry, his eventual replacement is likely to be one of the AC's. Would you forego your chance to inherit BC hockey to join a cellar dweller only to have to be cannon fodder to Jerry and co 3 times a year, and then see the other AC behind the bench? I wouldn't and I'm sure they wouldn't either. I'm guessing it was very widely known the BC guys didn't want the job (in Cav's case it sounds like he made it known). I hardly think it is a diss to BC, Cav, or Brown that they are not taking this job, and from the sound of it, neither really want it. You've got more ins into these guys than me, but thats what it seems like and what makes sense.
    Just my thoughts.

  2. Hi Pete...sorry for the late reply...

    I agree 100 % that losing one of these guys would be a big blow to the program. That said, you have consider a lot of different things but at the end of the day, a head coaching job in Hockey East is big for anyone. They wanted this job but due to circumstances, it became nearly impossible for them to land it. A BC assistant job is better than a HC job at 75% of the jobs in CH but these guys deserved better. Hope is well.