Sunday, July 1, 2012

Who would be on BC Hockey's Mount Rushmore ?

Earlier today, I was going through the US College Hockey Online fan forum and saw what I thought was an interesting question, who would be on your programs Mt.Rushmore ? Basically, you have to pick the top four legends in the history of your program. Now, when you talk about BC Hockey, you are talking about arguably the best program in the history of college hockey, so obviously it's tough to pick four guys. Anyways, I came up with my top four guys but feel free to comment or email who would be on your BC Hockey Mt. Rushmore.

John "Snooks" Kelley. He is the father of Boston College Hockey and without the base that he provided for the coaches after him, I am not sure this program would be where it is today. All three (well if you count Cedorchuk) coaches since him were former players of his and all have said that without his mentoring, they wouldn't be the coaches they were/are. Besides being the father of the program, Snooks recorded 501 wins, a National Title, and eight Beanpot titles (a BC record) in his thirty six years as the head coach of his alma mater.

Coach York- If you don't have Coach on your list, then you should strongly consider just leaving the website now. I don't need to go into a long explanation on this one. Just think about it, 5 National Titles, he will have more wins than any other coach in the history of the sports by mid season,  6 Beanpots, and is also the main reason BC is the better program on Comm Ave these days (which is a huge component). Yea, BC was good before he came here but they never really won a whole lot (they had some really good teams however). Ever since Coach York has come back to Chestnut Hill, well we all know what has happend.

Brian Gionta- Once again, no real debate here in my opinion. Brian Gionta is going to have a banner dedicated to him one of these days and rightfully so. We could be sitting here all day talking about some of the records Gionta holds at BC and in Hockey East. Some that stand out are he has the most goals ever in Hockey East history (83) and is second in goals per game all time behind BC's own, Scott Harlow. Don't agree with me ? I have seen a media person ask Coach York "Who is the best player you have ever coached " ? and he replied," Brian Gionta".

Nathan Gerbe- Ok, I know a lot of you are going to disagree with this one and I see why. My reasoning behind putting Gerbe on this list is because that 2008 season was the single greatest season I have seen in my time watching BC Hockey (I didn't really see Gionta). Think about it, game winning goal vs BU in the Beanpot semifinals, two goals in the NCAA title versus Notre Dame, and countless highlight reel goals. He had that ability to take over a hockey game like no one else did/will. To be honest, that 2008 team was good but they were not great. #9 made them great.

Guys that need to be considered- 

Joe Mullen
Lenny Ceglarski
Brian Leetch
John Muse
Dave Emma
Mike Mottau
Corey Schneider
Coach Greg Brown

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  1. I think you are on point except for Gerbe. I graduated in 01 and got to witness Gionta many times in person and can say that Gerbe isnt even in Gionta's class. I think there are three people from that team that could be strongly considered: Marty Reasoner, Scott Clemenson, and Bobby Allen. Gionta's was great, but Reasoner was an even better collegiate player. Plus he was the catalyst recruit for Jerry York - really his first superstar player - that propelled the program to four straight frozen fours and established the tone that continues today. Those teams from 98 - 01 would never have accomplished what they did without Clemenson. He may be one of the top two or three goalies ever in Hockey East. Finally Bobby Allen was the first prototypical Jerry York defenseman. Big, agile, dangerous on offense and lockdown in his own zone against the other team's top line. Mottau may have won the hobby, but Allen was better all around.

    An interesting post some time might be an analysis of the most talented team in BC history. Although they didn win it all

  2. I agree . All of those guys should be considered for the final spot. The 2011 team was extremely talented but were not about to get it done versus Colorado College. That first line was unbelievable . Gibbons, Atkinson, Whitney were all great.

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