Saturday, August 18, 2012

DeFilippo Out As Athletic Director

As you probably all know by now, Gene DeFilippo has stepped down as director of athletics at Boston College. DeFilippo was the head of athletics for 15 years at The Heights and whether you want to believe it or not, he led BC to it's greatest achievements in school history. When we look back at DeFilippo's career, we certainly cannot forget all of the accomplishments that the school had under his leadership. In his 15 years, he oversaw an athletic department that has gone to places unheard of before his arrival and was the key man in making one of the biggest decisions in school history when BC made the move to the ACC. Under GDF's lead, BC was able to upgrade it's athletic facilites, become more competitive in each and every sport, and have had one of the highest graduation rankings in the country. Let's be honest, being an AD at a major sports school like BC is not easy, I mean this isn't BU where you have one sport that people care about. Here at BC, you have a bunch of teams that have very high expectations from the students, fans, alumni, facility etc to succeed year in and year out. A key stat that we must look at when we look at DeFilippo's tenure is that BC is one of just three BCS schools that have neve committed a major NCAA violation. That's pretty good.

On the other hand however, there are some aspects of the DeFilippo era that people were not satisfied about. The firings of Jeff Jagodzinski and Al Skinner did not go well with most of the BC community as both were very successful coaches while at BC and most would say their firings were unjustified. Another problem as of late is that most teams were just not performing up to BC's standards. Football was  a joke last season and basketball is losing to teams like UMass and BU. Unfortunately, the blame  for the bad performances is put on DeFilippo and he eventually paid the price with his job.

When it's all said and done, Gene DeFilippo should be thanked by the Boston College community for his hard work and dedication over these past 15 years. Was everything that GDF did endorsed by the BC community ? No, but we most thank him for all the good he did and the dedication he had to making Boston College a place for unique and talented individuals.

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