Friday, August 3, 2012

Some lineup scenarios

With news coming out today that forward Evan Richardson would be held back a year and come to BC in 2013, I thought it would be a good idea to once again take a look at a couple of possibilities for next years opening night lineup. Let's start with the forwards-

Johnny G- Pat Mullane- Danny Linell. I really like this first line combination as I think that Johnny G and Pat Mullane could be two of the top scorers in the league next year. Both were absolutely outstanding in the second half of last year so hopefully we see those two light it up again. As for who will replace Paul Carey's spot at right wing, I think Danny Linell would be a good fit. He is quick, a real solid defensive forward, and could see his point production go way up while playing with these two.

Quinn Smith-Bill Arnold- Steve Whitney. Like Mullane and Johnny G, both Billy Arnold and Steve Whitney had phenomenal seasons last year. I would think that the staff would keep Arnold and Whitney together because of the chemistry they developed playing alongside Barry Almeida last season. I couldn't really decide on who to put at left wing but I choose Quinn Smith because like Linell, he is a solid defensive forward and has some real speed that could benefit his linemates.

Destry Straight-Kevin Hayes-Frank Vatrano. The more I think about it, this third line is going to be essential to the club next season. Look at last year, when the third line (Straight-Hayes-Kreider) was playing well, BC was impossible to beat. The problem however is that #19 is not coming through the tunnel this season, which means that all three of these guys need to be playing good hockey. You know  Johnny G, Mullane, Whitney, and Arnold are going to show up on a nightly basis but if these guys can be a solid line, BC could be really tough to beat next year.

Brooks Dyroff- Mike Sit- Pat Brown.  I originally had Evan Richardson in place of Dyroff but now that he is not coming next year, Dyroff gets plugged in. Honestly, I could be 100 % wrong on this line. Maybe Pat Brown will play center and Mike Sit will go to wing (where he played a little last year). Who knows... maybe Dyroff will not play at all and Peter McMullen or Brendan Silk takes the spot.


Pat Wey- Isaac Macleod

Mike Matheson- Patch Alber

Colin Sullivan- Teddy Doherty

Goalie- Parker Milner

I'll try to post some other scenarios as we get closer to the season.

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