Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Review

As you all know by now, BC was defeated this last Saturday night, on Senior Night,  by the Providence College Friars by a final score of 5-1. It was a sellout crowd at Conte Forum and we were all expecting a great game.  Unfortunately the Eagles did not show up to play.   Once it was evident that  Steven Whitney was not going to play BC just fell apart.  As for the team on the other end of the ice, well, they were spectacular. That's as well coached a team as I have seen in a long time and it's certainly great for Hockey East to see a program like Providence get back into the "elite" level. Credit  Nate Leaman and his staff  because they're really turning that program around.

Not sure what to say but something is just not right with this Eagle team. I do think that they will   probably make the NCAA Tournament because of their early season success but if they went up against any of the top 16 teams in the country with the effort they put forth on Saturday, they're going to get manhandled. Do the injuries have something to do with it ? Well, when you're missing one of your best defenseman and your best forward, yes that is going to be a factor,  it is going to change the way you play, but injuries can't be an excuse for a lack of effort. I hope I am not being to harsh but this team has the ability to step it up and they have to do it now. Is losing to Providence 5-1 on SENIOR NIGHT a reason to get upset,  YES it is.  No one follows this team as close as I do and let me tell you, I'm concerned right now. I know this team can beat anyone when Whitney and Wey are 100 % but I also know that efforts like Saturday's will get this team absolutely shelled vs a club like Western Michigan or St Cloud State in the NCAA tournament.

Anyways, enough of my ranting,  I'm just frustrated to be honest. I mean, I try never to make excuses and I know that making them is the exact opposite of what Coach York does but right now, this team has just got to get healthy. As for the injuries to Wey and Whitney, here is what I'll say. Whitney was really beat up after Friday's game and was questionable going into Saturday's contest. It doesn't seem like the injury was too serious as there were cramps and spasms all throughout his leg. As for Wey, he was also questionable leading right up to game time. He tried to work out a little bit before pre game warmups and he just couldn't move his leg that was cut late in Friday's contest. Coach York said after the game that the staff will continue to check for infections and so forth. Both are probable for Friday's game @ Vermont.

Stay tuned for injury updates as week goes on

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  1. There was never much of a margin for error for this squad after the talent they lost to graduation and early departures to the pros. I think they've actually been scuffling since they lost Alber. Losing Hayes is huge. Having to go without Wey and Whitney was just too much. I agree that they'll limp into the NCAA tourney, but they're likely to limp back out shortly thereafter. Anything more is just too much to ask, even of York.