Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Taking a (Very) Early Look at Next Season's Roster

Now that we have had 4 or 5 days to heal after the tough loss to Union, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at what next year's roster could potentially look like. Before I do that though, I'd like to congratulate Patrick Brown on being named captain for next years team. He will certainly be an outstanding leader on and off the ice. I think it's a great selection by the players. Also, congrats to Billy Arnold and Isaac Macleod on being named his associate captains.

So, before I reveal what I think the lineup could look like, I need to adress the early departures. As of today, no one has left the school and it is my expectation that everyone will stay. A source indicated today that he thinks that it is "very likely" that Mike Matheson returns to Chestnut Hill for one more year. As for Kevin Hayes, I would guess that there is a very slim chance that he leaves, mainly because of his leg. I think Chicago will want to see how he comes back from the injury. Of the three, I would label Johnny G as the biggest threat to leave but he did say after Saturday's game that he is really looking forward to playing with his brother Matt next season. In the end, I think they all return.

Let's look at who we have coming in.

Forwards- Cangelosi, Gilmour, Calnan, Gaudreau, McGlynn, Richardson and Fitzgerald.

Defense- Santini, McCoshen, and Savage

Goalie- Thatcher Demko

At first glance, I think our defense is going to among the best in the country next season. Santini and McCoshen are two of the biggest defensive recruits in the country so I expect them to come in right away and play lots of minutes. As for the 6th defensive spot, I think it will probably go to Savage but Jeke or Sullivan might have an outside shot at landing it. He is a good sized defenseman that has supposedly good feet and can move the puck well.

Up front, it all depends on who stays and who goes. There is a very good chance that both Gaudreau and Hayes both stay and if that is the case, I think BC is going to have a much deeper forward lineup than they did this season. I expect that Gilmour, Calnan, Richardson, Fitzgerald, and Cangelosi will all start right away but I'm not quite sure about M.Gaudreau and Connor McGlynn.

Here are my (way to early) line projections for next October

Johnny Gaudreau- Billy Arnold- Danny Linell

Kevin Hayes- Chris Calnan- Austin Cangelosi

Ryan Fitzgerald-Adam Gilmour- Quinn Smith

Destry Straight- Pat Brown-Brendan Silk/Matt Gaudreau


Mike Matheson-Steve Santini

Ian McCoshen- Isaac Macleod

Teddy Doherty-Scott Savage


Thatcher Demko

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  1. Destry Straight still in the mix???!!!! A total non-factor on the ice.