Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Thoughts On The Mike Ayers Hire

I like this hire. A lot. Simple as that. We're going to have the forwards, the goal scoring, and the type of defenseman that can jump up and make plays next season. The biggest question mark is going to be the defense, especially the play of Thatcher Demko (who I think will get the job). Hiring Demko's USNDT coach is as ingenious a move as Coach York and Coach Brown could have made. I mean, Demko is going to be this kid from Southern California who probably has no clue what college hockey means in this area, therefore and he might have a hard time adjusting to the expectations and pressures at the start of the season. Enter Mike Ayers. I think having a familiar face around Demko next season is going to really help him blossom into the "next" goaltender in the long line of greats that have played @ Boston College. Now, let's get real here. The kid is 18. He may not start right off the bat. I mean can you imagine walking in and your coaches saying "kid you're in our first game and o yhea, it's @ MICHIGAN". Hello.

Of course, the staff didn't hire Ayers on the soul basis of helping a guy like Thatcher Demko. They probably saw lots of traits that Ayers posses from years of experience @ UNH, St Cloud, the USNDT, and in the AHL. I think his skill and expertise are really going to bode well with the players once October rolls around.

Here is my biggest question regarding this hire. How quickly/how well is Coach Ayers going to adjust to the land of college hockey recruiting. It's so difficult to recruit against the North Dakotas, the Minnesotas, and the Michigans of the worlds these days and now with the NHL Draft and kids leaving after one year, it's almost impossible to get star talent to stay for more than two years. I think if Coach Ayers can immerse himself into the Boston College Hockey program and find out what makes this program so special, then he will be able to go out to Vancouver, Minnesota, New York, Connecticut, or anywhere else there is quality talent and he will be able to attract these guys to BC.

Personally, I cannot wait to meet Coach Ayers this fall (He's going to wonder who the nut is at practice everyday anyway) and I certainly wish him the very best as he begins this new adventure here @ Boston College.

Go Eagles !

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