Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Breaking- Brian Billett Named Starting Goalie

Sources have indicated to the BC Hockey Blog that Brian Billett has been named starting goalie for Thursday's game versus Michigan. Look, Brian Billett has won a couple real big games for this club over the course of the past two years and I look forward to seeing him succeeded in this new role. It's well deserved for a great kid that has been patiently waiting his turn.

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  1. I guess we will have to wait and see, but do you think that Demko gets the next start and they will see who emerges? Or is it Billett's to lose for now? Like you said before, it would be a shame to rush Demko onto the team only to have him sit a year, maybe two if Billett starts this year and next...maybe it turns into a tandem thing like they've had in Miami recently (which Ayers, and Demko for that matter, are probably used to by virtue of playing in on the USNDT).