Thursday, October 3, 2013


Just a few notes to pass along. I was fortunate enough to talk with Coach Brown and Coach Ayers after practice today. Here is some of what they said and more.

Injury report- Straight out, Sit barley staking in red medical jersey, Smith back in.

Lines (Straight was out so not sure if these are solid)

Johnny G- Hayes- Cangelosi

Fitzgerald- Arnold- Richardson

Smith- Brown- Calnan

McMullen- Gilmour- Silk

McCoshen- Matheson

Santini- Doherty

Macleod- Linell

I asked the coaches what they thought of the team so far, specifically the freshmen. "It's hard to tell with these short practices but they have adjusted to the speed of the college game, at least at practice, really well. It can be really difficult to come in here and get used to the speed, they have done a good job".

On what they are looking for Sunday vs St Francis Xavier- "Nothing to particular, want to see us play well".

Have they named a starting goalie for Thursday yet ? "No decision yet. Thatcher has to earn it. there will be a lot of scouts in Michigan watching him but in order for him to play on Thursday he has to earn the job first. All three goalies look real good. It will be a hard decision".

That's all I got.

Go Eagles.

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