Saturday, October 26, 2013


First of all, here is tomorrows lineup. Changes in maroon.

Johnny- Arnold- Gilmour








I was fortunate enough to speak with Coach Brown today after practice. Here is what he said.

Q- Thoughts on last nights game ?

A- It was a really exciting game. I thought both teams were fast and skilled and there was a terrific tempo throughout the whole night.

Q- How did you think the freshmen adjusted to the big sheet, the crowd, and the start of the game ?

A- I thought they adjusted real well. The first five, ten minutes they pinned us back pretty good but everyone got a little more comfortable and we were able to settle in.

Q- What are big adjustments that need to be made ?

A- Well, Richardson will play for Calnan and Billett will play tomorrow. We want to be tighter defensively and I'm sure they do as well but last night was a fun, exciting hockey game between two good teams.

Q- Thoughts on Demko ?

A- I thought he played very well. He was nervous in the beginning and then he really settled in and play well after that.

 Thanks to Coach Brown...Go Eagles.

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