Saturday, November 2, 2013

Eagles Squeak By Huskies

Photo from The Heights
Thanks to two points from each of the big three of Johnny G, Kevin Hayes, and Mike Matheson, the Boston College Eagles extended their home winning streak to five games dating back to last season as they defeated rival Northeastern by a 4-2 score. First off, I'm pleased with the win. As Coach York noted after the game, there are only 20 league games this season due to the addition of Notre Dame so every point is extremely valuable. They're not Michigan or Minnesota but that is a solid Northeastern team we beat tonight. If it wasn't for so many missed shots from the Huskies, we might have had a different result.

On the offensive side of things, the dynamic duo of Kevin Hayes and Johnny G were the two main reasons BC won. Both guys were all over the ice, at times attracting two or three black jerseys in the offensive end. I don't have to tell you how good these guys are because like I said earlier this year, there are not two other forwards in this league I would rather have then #12 and #13. They're special hockey players. Other then those two however, no one really jumped out to me. I thought Pat Brown played exceptionally well in both ends. The staff rewarded him with lots of minutes on the power play. Certainly well deserving for a guy that has been solid each game this year. On the other hand, guys like Austin Cangelosi and Ryan Fitzgerald (even though he had a goal) need to be better. BC isn't going to win a National Championship because of three, maybe four guys. I'm not concerned, I mean they weren't bad, I just think they need to have more of an impact out there, especially in the offensive end.

Defensively, I think the staff has to be pleased with the way the group is progressing. The three freshmen, Savage, McCoshen, and Santini were exceptional in my mind. Of the three, I think Steven Santini has been the most impressive so far. They had him out there vs Roy pretty much the whole game and he, along with Matheson, kept him off the score sheet completely. That's a real big positive for this D core. Linell and Macleod were both much better than they were vs the Gophers, as they were a combined +1.

I thought Demko played exceptionally well tonight. You can look at save percentage, goals against, all the numbers you want but the bottom line is, BC is 2-0-1 with him in goal. That has to count for something. After the game, Coach York stated that he was going to start Brian Billett in net tomorrow night @ Northeastern. He wants to keep a rotation going.

All in all, two points is two points but the execution has to be better. The team needs to create more grade A chances, especially on the power play, for which I have no answers as to why it continues to be down in the dumps. The staff went with three different units tonight instead of having two distinct ones. I liked the all freshmen second unit (along with Linell) and they high powered first unit with all the big guns. Not once did they put Hayes, Arnold, and Johnny G out there together during a power play.


1. Demko was great. I've been really impressed with him thus far. Just remember, he is 17 years old.

2. Hayes and "G" were off the charts. They're just too good. Plain and simple.

3. I thought Steven Santini and Scott Savage played well. Combined +1. Also, they shut down Roy.


1. A lot of guys have got to step their games up a notch. Not everyone played at their highest level tonight.


Hayes was a little banged up after the game. Should be OK for tomorrow.

Go Eagles.

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