Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Step In The Right Direction

Photo from Graham Beck of The Heights.
There were no trophies on the line tonight. Technically, it wasn't a must win game for NCAA purposes or for Hockey East home ice proposes. In fact, we're still in the first half of the season so a lot of teams would have treated tonight as just another game. It wasn't. It was a game in which this team was going to show how resilient they were or that the first two months of the season was a fluke. The guys showed what they're made of and came out with a solid 6-2 victory over a UNH team that looked extremely shaky in all three ends. Sure, the first period was a really bad but what was displayed in the second period of tonight's game is the type of hockey that can lead this team to championships. No, it still wasn't a full 60 minute "complete game", but it was better. It's step in the right direction.

As bad as I thought the first two periods were vs Holy Cross, the opening twenty minutes tonight were equally as bad, if not worse. BC just looked flat. They looked slow and out of it. Last weekend, they didn't get the goaltending or the puck luck to avoid digging themselves into yet another deep hole. If it wasn't for some great saves from Brian Billett and a some kind bounces from the rubber tonight, I'm not sure BC comes out on top. UNH was dominating in BC's end for a long period of time when the Eagles attempted to clear it and the puck bounced over a few blue jerseys and popped right onto the stick of Johnny G who easily put it home on a breakaway. BC somehow escaped with a lead through one period.

The second period is what we like to call "Eagle Hockey". BC looked fast, they generated a ton of scoring chances, played a bit better in their own end, and were rewarded with a four goal outburst. The biggest thing I noticed was that the defensemen kept pinching up at the offensive blue line and forced turnover after turnover. When UNH was able to chip the puck out and generate an odd man rush, either BC's forwards did a good job of back checking or Billett made a quality save. I thought BC's newly formed first line of Johnny G, Hayes, and Arnold played well towards the second half of the game. UNH actually did a good job on G and Hayes for the first twenty minutes even though G had a breakaway goal. As BC was able to build up a lead, UNH started leaving lots of space through the neutral zone and the Eagles, led by Austin Cangelosi were able to take advantage. With the exception of perhaps the Wisconsin game, this was Cango's best game of the season. He was all over the ice tonight, evident by his three points and +3 rating.

On the defensive side of things, I couldn't have been more impressed with Steven Santini. He was absolutely amazing tonight. Not only did he score a goal and an assist, he led BC with a +4 rating. He is second on the team with a +15 rating for the year (McCoshen is +18). Another thing I want to address is Teddy Doherty's spot in the lineup. If he is benched tomorrow, I'll throw the fish onto the ice @ the Whit. He was great in both ends all night. Also added a pretty sweet goal. Great to see. I wasn't really surprised they sat Savage as he struggled last Friday but I would expect to see him back in there tomorrow. Not sure who will be the odd guy out.

All in all, it's a nice win but a W tomorrow night would almost completely make up for the debacle last weekend. If this team can go into the break tied with Providence for the league led in points and continue to stay seven or eight points above the Terriers, I think everybody will have a nice holiday.


1. Cangelosi was sensational.

2. Billett saved the game in the first period. If it wasn't for his play in the opening twenty minutes, BC would have been blown out.

3. Santini is a beast. Literally. He almost killed a guy....AND DIDN'T GET CALLED !


1. Too many penalties. UNH had four power plays. BC had none.

Player(s) of the game- Santini and Cangelosi

Next up- @ UNH tomorrow night. 7 PM. It's on WBIN TV.

Go Eagles.

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