Sunday, December 22, 2013

Recruiting Update

I updated our recruiting page this afternoon. The biggest change I have is that Noah Hanifin will be coming to campus next fall (per sources). I think the staff just thought that why leave him out there for another year where he could decide to go to the Q or go to another school ? Personally, I love the decision because I know that Noah is ready to play at this level. In all honesty, he could be our third defenseman as a 17 year old freshman behind McCoshen and Santini.

That brings me right into my next point. The staff has got to land one more big time defenseman for next season. I'm not going to dive into specific names because I try to stray away from the guys that are being looked at because of a whole host of reasons but the bottom line is we need one more guy that play a lot of minutes on even strength, penalty kills, and power plays.

I'm trying to revamp the recruiting aspect of the website so bear with me for these next few weeks as things might be a bit different.

Go Eagles

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