Saturday, February 1, 2014

Banged Up Eagles Slip by Friars

On my way down last night I thought about the injury situation this year's club has had compared to last seasons. After the second game @ Schneider Arena a season ago, there had to be four guys limping around with tape all around their legs. Not to mention Pat Wey was cut by an opposing skate, causing a large amount of blood to come together just outside the locker room. Well, last night wasn't as bad but it was still a pretty dirty hockey game played by the home team. Despite losing Kevin Hayes to a hip injury after the first period and playing multiple guys who were at maybe 50 %, the Boston College Eagles extended their unbeaten streak to 12 games Friday night when they defeated the Providence College Friars, 2-0.

First of all, let's talk about the effort displayed by the Eagles last night. I've seen a lot of hockey teams roll over when they lose perhaps their best player but that didn't happen last night. Initially, Providence carried the play for the first half of the second period but once Brendan Silk potted home his second goal of the season, BC really took the momentum back. BC's energy guys, Silk, Quinn Smith, Chris Calnan, and Mike Sit all played really solid once again. Goals from these guys are just icing on top of the cake but when they're playing at the level they were for the second half of that hockey game, BC is a much deeper hockey team. I said earlier this year and I'll say it again, no guy has improved more from day one last year to now than Brendan Silk. He's really starting to find his role on this team.

With Hayes gone to injury, Austin Cangelosi was asked to step up and play with Johnny G and Bill Arnold. It's never going to be as good as when Hayes is there but I thought Austin filled the hole quiet well. That line played a lot of minutes in the third period but instead of running out of gas and letting PC control the pace, they kept the puck below the Friars' blue line and were rewarded when Johnny G extended his point streak to 21 games by beating a PC defenseman one on one, and firing the puck by Jon Gilles. Only a play G could make. After the goal, Providence stepped up their chipiness but I'm sure the staff was pleased about the way BC didn't give into to their opponent's theatrics. Of the three BC penalties, only one was a "bad" penalty. The other two were taken because the opponent was on an odd man rush, again you never want to take penalties but in those situations, you have to.

I think it would be pretty wrong of me to write a recap of this game without mentioning Thatcher Demko. This kid is special. If you think about it, he's had one awful game, the rest have been quality games in which BC was playing a tough opponent. When asked after the game whether or not he thought this was Thatcher's best game, Coach York said he didn't know but he's had a lot of real quality ones. Personally, I thought it was his best game although BC limited Providence to a lot less "grade A" chances than they gave us.

All in all, it's frustrating to play an opponent that is out there purely for the purpose of taking someone's head off but getting two points is really all that matters. As for the injuries, we'll have more on them tomorrow but Hayes is the only real question mark for Monday's game. Two others were banged up and missed practice today but they will play Monday unless something drastic takes place.

Why BC Won-

1. Effort. It was 100% for all 60 minutes. It wasn't a fun game to watch and I'm sure it wasn't a fun game to play in but everyone stayed focused on the task and got it done.

2. Demko was sensational. Best game of the year.


I got nothing. Injuries I guess.

Player of the game- Thatcher Demko

Next Up- You know who is next.

Go Eagles !

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