Friday, February 14, 2014

Rest in Peace, Dick Kelley

I remember sitting in the bleachers of Conte Forum the day after Christmas in December 2011. The Eagles hit the ice for the start of their first practice after the Holidays. Like usual, the rink was completely empty. As practice was winding down and I was getting ready to hit the road, two men approached me and called me by name asking if I was indeed the writer of the "BC Hockey Blog". I nodded my head nervously and whispered "yes, I am". Shortly after shaking hands and introducing ourselves, I learned that these men were the Sports Information Directors at Boston College. One of them was Tim Clark, a guy that has helped me tremendously with my progressions as a media member as much as anyone. The other was Dick Kelley. I recall sitting in those bleachers with Tim and Dick for close to 45 minutes, talking all things BC Hockey and BC athletics. After the conversation concluded, we said our goodbyes and moved on. I went back home, telling my parents of the encounter and my dad quickly raised his eyes and told me about how he knew Dick Kelley from his days at BC. He then proceeded to tell me of the disease Mr. Kelley had been victimized by. I was crushed but I immediately searched Dick Kelley's name on the internet and saw stories of hundreds of former/current BC athletes talking about how Dick Kelley made an impact on their lives. Although we only met on one occasion, the conversation I had with Dick Kelley will remain with me throughout my life.

I certainly didn't know Dick Kelley as well as many others did at BC but just by meeting with him, talking with him, and reading about him, I could tell that this man embodied everything that was right not just with Boston College, but with the world. He was a man that loved the people whom were close to him, loved the student athletes he worked with, and perhaps most of all, he loved Boston College.

Rest In Peace Dick Kelley.

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