Friday, March 21, 2014

A Whole Lot of Pairwise Math

Although the Eagles are idle this weekend thanks to a pair of losses last weekend vs Notre Dame, they will be patiently awaiting their NCAA first round opponent, which will be announced Sunday afternoon on ESPN. I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some potential opponents for BC and what needs to happen in order for the Eagles to play that particular opponent. Boston College is all but assured to be the #2 overall seed (behind Minnesota) and the #1 seed in the Northeast regional, which commences next Saturday. Who will be joining them ? Let's look.

If the top seeds win their respective tournaments (Minnesota, Mercyhurst, Lowell, North Dakota, and Ferris State) BC would play-

Michigan- If the previously mentioned events take place, Boston College would be the #1 seed in Worcester taking on an all to familiar foe, the University of Michigan Wolverines. Michigan beat BC @ Yost in October. It was the first contest of the year for both clubs. The issue here is that Michigan needs a lot of help to get into the tournament after falling to Penn State this afternoon in the Big Ten tournament.

If Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Quinnipiac, Canisius, Denver, and Minnesota State win their tournaments, BC would play-

Denver- Put it this way, there is a very good chance BC plays the winner of the NCHC tournament next weekend. If Denver, Western Michigan, or Miami wins, then there is an extremely high possibility of the Eagles facing one of those clubs in the first round.

If Penn State/Ohio State, Niagara, UNH, North Dakota, Colgate, and Bowling Green win their tournaments, BC would play- 

Bowling Green- This scenario involves a lot of upsets but if it takes place, BC would play Coach York's former club for the second time this season. Boston College defeated Bowling Green @ the Three Rivers Classic in December.

Things get confusing if Penn State wins the Big Ten because that would be an inter-conference matchup for Minnesota in the first round. I assume if PSU won, then BC would get them.

If Minnesota, Robert Morris, Notre Dame, North Dakota, Union, and Ferris State all win their tournaments, BC would play- (I think this is a likely scenario)

Michigan. Again.

If Mercyhurst, Wisconsin, Quinnipiac, Providence, North Dakota, and Minnesota State win, BC would play- 

Michigan. Again.

 Put it this way. If one of Denver/Western Michigan/Miami wins the NCHC, then BC will probably play them in the first round because Minnesota would automatically play the Atlantic Hockey winner. Personally, I don't want to play Michigan or North Dakota in the first round so, root for those three. If North Dakota does win the NCHC and the favorites win in the other leagues, we'll probably face Michigan. A lot of "experts" are saying that Michigan is out but as you can see, there aren't many scenarios in which they're not in. If they do get in, the odds are that they will face BC.

Things get interesting if UNH wins the Hockey East tournament. If UNH gets in (by winning HEA), and North Dakota wins the NCHC, BC would most likely play Michigan because the committee would probably switch the Wolverines and Wildcats to avoid an inter-conference matchup.

So...root for these teams- Miami, Western Michigan, Denver, Penn State, Ohio State, Colgate, and Minnesota State if you don't want to play Michigan, like I don't.

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