Friday, March 14, 2014

It's Time For Some Coach York Magic

The Holy Cross game was bad. The Minnesota game was bad. The Maine game was bad. The Michigan game was a tough one to swallow. The loss @ Minnesota last year was just one really good team vs a bad team. The loss vs BU in the fall of 2011 was, at the time, the worst I had ever seen. Tonight tops them all. I want to get one thing perfectly clear before I dive into this thing. Notre Dame played an absolutely tremendous hockey game. That is the best team I have seen so far this season. Better than Minnesota. They play well in all three zones and I think they have an excellent shot at winning a National Title.

As for this club, that was flat out pathetic. Those other games I mentioned ? Those were all regular season games that didn't have huge implications. This was a playoff game. There is a trophy at steak in this tournament. I'm sorry, I am just so baffled by what took place tonight. Not one guy played well tonight, not one guy. All week we talked about playing fast, playing tenacious, winning the battles on the boards, etc. BC didn't do one of those things tonight. Not one. It's fascinating to me that guys can put on that jersey and go out there and give that type of effort. Trust me, I've watched this club every single day this year, I know when they play hard and when they don't. They didn't give an effort even close to what it needs to be at tonight. Guys looked lost. They looked exhausted. They looked like they didn't want any part in the game.

I don't know what to say. I really don't know. We didn't get beat. We got manhandled. It was like we were playing the Bruins out there. And no, it wasn't because of Notre Dame's "defensive" system. It was because the guys in blue played playoff hockey. There is a difference between playing 9 holes of golf on a Friday night and teeing it up in a tournament. The same goes for hockey. A regular season game is nothing like a playoff game. No matter what anyone says. Like,  I honestly don't think the guys gave a real effort tonight. Maybe they're just a lot better than we are and I'm way off base but I'm convinced we've got a great hockey team this year. I know there are guys in that locker room that can give a lot more than they gave tonight.

Anyways, I like history. It's probably the only subject I'm good at and if history is served tomorrow, Coach York will have the guys ready. Say what you want about BC Hockey and winning and trophies and all that fun stuff but the thing that amazes me more than anything about this program is the way Coach just moves on to the next game. You've got idiots like me ready to pack it all in while he's probably sitting at home thinking about what it's going to be like winning tomorrow's game. Who knows, history always said BU owned the Beanpot and we saw how that story ended. Maybe history won't show itself tomorrow but with that man behind the bench, I'm pretty confident it will.

Go Eagles.

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