Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lowell Preview

What a tremendous opportunity this club has in front of them tonight. A chance to make another Frozen Four while going up against the team that the majority of "experts" have as winning the National Championship. I didn't stick around for the Lowell vs Minnesota State game but from what I heard, it was a an exhilarating game filled with a lot of great scoring chances and tremendous goaltending. In fact, Minnesota State fired 36 shots on Lowell goalie Connor Hellebuyck, only to be stoned each and every time (they scored a garbage time goal). If you remember the last time we played these guys on February 22nd, we had a two goal lead going into the third period only to see Lowell comeback and tie the game. BC probably had 6 or 7 chances to make it a three goal game but nothing came to fruition. They've got to start somewhat like they did yesterday. This team is built to protect leads (8-0-1 when leading after the first period). 

The thing that worries me the most about Lowell is their depth however they will be without defenseman Joe Houk, a guy that logged a lot of minutes for them throughout the regular season.  They didn't have Scott Wilson in last month's series vs BC and he is probably their best forward. It all comes down to how BC's second line matches up vs the Wilson-Gambardella-Arnold line. Obviously, our first line matches up well vs anyone but with Wilson back, I expect their second line to generate more scoring chances. Fitz-Brown-Cangelosi was relatively solid last night but they weren't able to pot a goal. I don't think anyone expects tonight's game to be 3-0 after the first period. They need to show up. 

Honestly, there really isn't much else I've got to say. We know the team we have. We know the team they have. It's just about what team executes better over the course of these 60 minutes. If the first line plays as well as they did yesterday, I think BC's got a great shot. If BC breaks the puck out fluently and avoids the neutral zone turnovers, they should be in Philly. If not, then it's anyones game. It's been eight or nine years since I went to the city of brotherly love and I would love to go back in two weeks. 

Keys for BC- 

1. No stupid penalties. Lowell only beat us last time because of stupid penalties in the third period. They're too good to be given 5 power plays. That can't happen again. 

2. First line needs to do their thing again. Lowell played them very tough, very physical in the last meeting. BC isn't winning anything without these guys. 

3. Early and often. Can they come from behind ? Yes, but unlike the past, this team is built to protect leads. Grabbing a two goal advantage at any point would be crucial. 

Go Eagles. 

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