Tuesday, August 5, 2014

McCoshen and Savage Cut At World Jr Camp

Sophomores Ian McCoshen and Scotty Savage were cut this morning at US World Jr evaluation camp in Lake Placid. Obviously, we want to have as many guys on the team playing because even though it will put the Eagles in a tough spot for two or three games, nothing compares to representing your country on a national stage.

Alex Tuch, Sonny Milano, Thatcher Demko, and Steve Santini are still up there and many believe that McCoshen will be back with the team by the time they're set to begin tournament play.

The fact that Noah Hanifin isn't at camp is the biggest mystery since JFK. It's something that he should certainly use for motivation.

Go Eagles

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  1. McCoshen Was NOT cut from USA World Junior Team -
    Love reading your blog but have to point out an inaccuracy in your story above about the US World Junior eval camp happening this week in Lake Placid. According to USA Hockey, McCoshen isn't finishing the camp for "precautionary reasons." They don't want an injury from the third game to get any worse. He will be in the line-up in December when the team is chosen to represent the USA in the World Junior Championships.