Saturday, August 16, 2014

What Now?

As posted earlier today, star recruit Sonny Milano is no longer committed to Boston College for this fall. Instead, he will play with the Plymouth Whalers of the OHL (according to Mike McMahon). The Blue Jackets made it official earlier when they tweeted that Milano had in fact decided to sign with them. As you may have seen if you have a Twitter account, I was very shocked and disappointed by this news. Unlike most people, I am gravely worried about BC's chances at competing for a National Title with it's current roster because in all honesty, we just aren't deep enough. BU has Eichel. Maine has Shore. Northeastern has Roy. We don't have a real "go-to" guy, I thought Milano was going to be that guy by midseason, no matter how old he was. On the other side of things, a lot of people @ BC think this is a good move for the team because Milano is as much a self centered person as they have ever come across. He was in it for Sonny, not for Boston College. I'm sure that is true but in reality, we needed more talent. Every other fan in the country will cry about how we are BC and we always get the talented guys, well, obviously not.

So, what could the staff do now? Let's look at some options.

Option #1- Do nothing 

The worst part about this whole thing is that it comes so late in the summer and the staff doesn't really have the time to go out and bring a guy or two in. With the roster as it right now, BC has just 13 forwards for next year and a good number of them won't contribute much to the score sheet. I'm just thinking about this in a common sense sort of way. The staff knows they need not just talent, but they need bodies.

Chance this happen- High

Option #2- Bring Miles Wood in. 

You know my opinion on this. He's ready.

Chance this happens- Zero

Option #3- Bring Joey Dudek in

The reason Dudek isn't coming this year is because they thought he needed one more year to develop and become a "smarter" hockey player. He has some talent (6th round pick by NJD) but I think if he came this year, it would take him a long time to get used to the speed and skill that he will see night in and night out in Hockey East.

Chance this happens- A lot higher than Wood.

Option #4- Bring Colin White and or Jeremy Bracco in. 

Call me crazy but I'm convinced that Colin White could come in here right now and be a top three forward for us by the end of the year. The kid is an all around animal. He has all the tools necessary to become a star player @ BC. Bracco, while not quiet the physical specimen that White is, has the creativity and skill to be a freshman that plays top nine minutes right of the bat. Personally, I think they should hold off on Bracco because one more year of development would do him just a little bit more than it would for White. I do believe White would be an instant impact type of guy.

Chances they come- Slim

I'm sure there are other options and as I learn more, I will add to the blog. It's going to be a trying couple of weeks for the staff.

Tough day. Go Eagles.

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