Thursday, September 25, 2014

Got to Find a Way

If you didn't watch the the All-American prospects game tonight, the best way for me to sum it up is by saying two things. Number one, the future of American hockey is in bright hands because there were some absolute studs out there tonight. Whether it's Eichel, Hanifin, Wierenski, White, Bracco, or Greenway, there is potential for some guys not just to change the impact of some lucky NHL franchises, but a chance to change the course of American hockey.

Secondly, I don't care if they want me to move to Ann Arbor and camp out in front of NTDP headquarters, the staff has to find a way to get Jeremy Bracco to campus. I don't know the kid at all but he seems like he's got "it". What do I mean by that? It's not just his sensational speed and skill, it's the fact that he looks like he LOVES being on that ice and scoring goals. A big emphasis of Coach York's is being excited about wins and being excited about scoring goals. I have never been to a hockey practice where the whole team literally goes crazy after a goal in a drill or ever seen bench that stands up for the whole game, patting each other on the back and pointing to the guy that made the play, not just the goal scorer. You see the way Jeremy Bracco points right at his teammate after a goal? See the way he gets all pumped up? See the way he skates with his head up when he has the puck? Remind you of anyone from Carney's Point, NJ? Is he going to end up here? I don't know, only he really knows that, but he looks like the kid that we want representing not just the school, but the program as a whole, you want kids that would run through a brick wall to put on the maroon and gold. Having his skill helps to.

Go Eagles

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