Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hockey East Media Poll Released

With tomorrows Hockey East media day (wow the season is really here), numerous members of the BC hate club, also known as the Hockey East media, released their rankings and preseason first team this afternoon. Here are the results.

1. Providence

2. Boston College

3. Boston University

4. Northeastern

5. UMass Lowell

6. Maine

7. Notre Dame (tie)

7. Vermont (tie)

9. UNH

10. Merrimack

11. UMass

12. UConn

First team- Devin Shore (Maine), Kevin Roy (NU), Ross Mauermann (PC), Ben Hutton (Maine), Michael Matheson (Boston College), John Gilles (PC)

I didn't vote but here is how I would have voted, not that it means anything.

1. PC, 2. BC, 3. BU, 4. NU, 5. Notre Dame, 6. Maine, 7. UNH, 8. Lowell, 9. Vermont, 10. Merrimack, 11. UConn, 12. UMass

My first team would have been Shore, Roy, Lucia, Hanifin, Matheson, Gilles.

Go Eagles.

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