Thursday, February 5, 2015

On Ice Issues

I'll have a Merrimack preview later (it will be short) but a recent issue with one of BC's star recruits has come up in the past couple of weeks. In the summer, you probably read about how I was dumb founded with the decision to let Miles Wood go back to Nobles and finish out his high school career for two reasons. One, BC needed an extra forward and two, he was probably going to kill somebody because he is by far and away the biggest, strongest, and fastest kid in the league. For once, blogger might have been right.

Yesterday, for the third time this season, Wood was ejected from a game for a major penalty. His first was in December against Dexter when he hit Harvard's star recruit Ryan Donato in the head (although it wasn't that bad a hit), his second was when he head-butted a St Sebastian's player two weeks ago after a post whistle scrum, and last night he was thrown out for contact to the head after what I heard was a pretty vicious play. Anyways, I would not be surprised if he hangs up the skates for Nobles and plays the rest of the year out in the USHL where there are more kids near his skill and height level.

I don't think this is a big issue as far as BC is concerned because he will still come in and play a big role next year but I'm sure the staff is a bit concerned.

Go Eagles.

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