Friday, March 20, 2015

Don't Doubt Him

I'm done talking about last weekend so let's not discuss it anymore. Good luck to the four teams participating at the Garden this weekend. Despite my original thinking, BC's season is far from over as they are pretty much assured an at large spot in the NCAA tournament. According to College Hockey News' Adam Wodon, of the 50,000 simulations the website ran, there wasn't one with BC out of the tournament but apparently, there is one that has us missing the dance. Here it is.

Obviously, I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever root for Boston University but if they beat UNH tomorrow, BC's chances of making the tournament go up even higher than they already are. If Ferris State, Colgate (over QU), St Cloud, Michigan State, Robert Morris, and BU all win their conference tournaments, then the Eagles still sneak into the field as the last #3 seed. Here is a picture of that scenario which is basically all the underdogs except BU winning their tournaments. 

So, in the end, we need to root for Minnesota (big time), Minnesota State/Michigan Tech, North Dakota, Robert Morris (doesn't matter who wins AHA for BC's case), and.................................................................. let's go to the next paragraph.

I have no idea where we will play but I would bet a lot of money that will be against either Minnesota-Duluth or Nebraska-Omaha. In pretty much every bracket prediction that has come out thus far, BC was pitted against either the Mavericks or the Bulldogs. To be totally honest with you, I don't care whether we play on the moon or in Manchester, I just want one more chance at Eichel and BU because after all that has happened this year in the media and how they treat him like he is a God, I just want one more chance to ruin their season. They can take their Hockey East titles and their Beanpots anytime they want. Who cares. All I know is that there is one man who would run in front of a machine gun to get one more chance at them.

Never doubt him.

Go Eagles !

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