Tuesday, April 21, 2015


It feels like it's been a year since I last posted on this thing since golf season has finally commenced after a brutal winter. I'm starting to get better day by day but once every four or five holes I seem to block a drive way right and it is  driving me absolutely bananas.

Anyways, the US U18 team is out in Switzerland competing for a world championship. They are currently 3-1 (lost to Russia). BC recruits Colin White (4 points), Jeremy Bracco (7 points), and Casey Fitzgerald (3 points) are all taking part in the tournament. The United States will play the Czech Republic on Thursday.

Many have asked about the schedule for next year and while I don't have it, I do know that we will be playing Wisconsin, Michigan State, Denver, Army (road), RPI (road), and Colorado College (road). The Eagles will also be in the Florida Christmas tournament, I don't know who else is in it.

As for recruiting updates, I don't have much. Do not expect Auston Matthews or Matthew Tkachuck to end up at BC or any other college, they will both end up in the CHL. I would keep an eye on Canadian prospect Dante Fabbro. It appears that BC is right in the hunt for his services along with Wisconsin, who appears to be the main competition.

I do not, unlike some fans, expect the staff to bring in another forward for the upcoming season although they almost certainly have the money to do so. The biggest recruit they can land between now and October is Jeremy Bracco. In talking to some people who know much more about the situation than I do, I think there is a solid chance that he ends up at BC but unfortunately, it is not a forgone conclusion.

As for Noah Hanifin, I would say that the odds are 60-40 in favor of him staying but it really depends on whether or not Phoenix selects him with that #3 pick. I've talked to him a couple of times over the course of the year and he had nothing good to things to say about the school, the program, and the staff. Obviously I want him to stay but I will never knock a kid for pursuing his dream.

Anyways, hit em straight and get ready to see Phil make a big run at Chambers Bay!!

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