Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Recruiting Updates

Brad Schlossman, the beat reporter for North Dakota (busy couple days for him), reported this afternoon that top prospects Dante Fabbro and Tyson Jost, both of Pentiction (BCHL) are looking to accelerate their studies in hopes of playing college hockey this upcoming fall. BC has particular interest in Fabbro, the 6'1 defenseman from the same area that they got recruits such as Isaac Macleod, Destry Straight, and Evan Richardson. I think it'll be interesting to see what takes place over the next couple of weeks because BC has the room to try and bring in these guys but then theres the obvious question if the admissions department would let someone in so late in the process but I am not too worried about that. As of now, BC pretty much has their starting 6 D set in stone (and yes, I think 7 comes back) but there is always the possibility of Hanifin being drafted by a team that wants him right away and if that happens, they might want to try and bring in one more because after their top 6, they won't have much and you want to avoid the injury problem.

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