Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bracco Picked But It Looks Bad

Freshman Jeremy Bracco was selected 61st overall this morning by the Toronto Maple Leafs in the NHL draft. However, it has become more and more likely that he will ditch BC for the Kitchener Rangers (OHL). I am not sure how much the Maple Leafs will influence his decision but I do know that Brendan Shanahan has been at a handful of BC's games in the past so he knows what the program is about.

Obviously, we went through this last year but this time around, I think everyone should be prepared for what is coming. I would say there is a 5% chance he ends up at BC next season. Obviously, it would be a total bummer but maybe the kid will step back and think about all the positives of playing college hockey and at BC in particular. In the end, no matter where he plays, we all want him to achieve his goal of donning that blue and white sweater in the near future.

As for what the staff will do to fill the spot (if and when it opens up), it appears that they have a plan to bring in someone to help out next years squad, should their top rated recruit bolt for Canada.

Go Eagles

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