Thursday, June 25, 2015

Draft Notes, Staff Announces Freshmen Class, and Other Notes

Tomorrow marks one of the most exciting days in the offseason as the NHL draft commences in Sunrise, Florida. Like usual, many Eagles are projected to be picked over the course of the next few days but of course, no one stands out more so than Noah Hanifin who is slated to go #3 overall in tomorrows first round. The question is where will Noah and a handful of other Eagles take the next steps in their hockey careers after leaving Boston College?

I'm not going to sit here and try to make it seem like I know where these guys are going to end up but I think a good idea would be to give you a few different mock drafts so you can try to see for yourself where the BC guys will end up. For the record, I think Hanifin will go #3 but I think it will be to Columbus rather than Phoenix. I was surprised at how low some experts had Colin White because I think he will go #13 to Los Angeles and I also wouldn't be blown away if Jeremy Bracco makes it a trio of Eagles in the first round due to his vision and play making abilities. So, here are the different mock drafts I came across.

USA Today 

SB Nation 


Mike Morreale's final mock draft (this guy knows what he is talking about)

Adam Kimelman's final mock draft 

Yahoo Sports

Sports Net 

Blue Jackets Blog "The Cannon"

Here is a good trivia question....who is BC's highest first round draft pick all time and what number was he?

When the draft is all said and done, I expect Hanifin, White, Bracco, David Cotton (3rd round), Casey Fitzgerald (6th or 7th round) to all get drafted. So, if that does indeed take place, BC will have 15 NHL draft picks on it's team next year. Think we're going to be pretty good? Ya, pretty, pretty, pretty, good.

The staff officially finished announcing the incoming class today so here are the freshmen numbers.

Jeremy Bracco- 17
Colin White-18
Miles Wood- 28
Chris Shero-23
Chris Birdsall-1
Casey Fitzgerald-5
Josh Couturier- 22
Chris Brown-10
Joey Dudek-15

Before I go, I want to share a tweet I saw yesterday but because it has become such a controversial topic that I have touched on time and time again, I will avoid comment.

Also, I have updated the schedule with three more games, including the two vs archrival Boston University.

Good luck to all the guys down in Florida, Go Eagles!

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  1. Most mock drafts have Hanifin going either 3rd or 5th overall in the draft. If Hanifin goes 3rd overall, it seems like Strome will go 4th and Marner will go 5th. However, if Strome is taken third, it seems like Marner will go next and Hanifin will drop to 5th. Is there any way Hanifin gets selected by Toronto with the 4th pick?