Thursday, July 16, 2015

BC vs North Dakota @ MSG, Other Notes

Apologies for the lateness in the updates, I was on vacation this week and have been glued to my TV watching Phil battle for another Claret Jug.

According to Brad Schlossmann of the Grand Forks Harold, Boston College will face rival North Dakota at The Worlds Most Famous Arena on December 2, 2016. These rumors have been swirling for years as there was one last year pertaining to a possible BC vs Qunnipiac game but that obviously never came to fruition. So with this news, the two best programs in college hockey will add another chapter to their history next season but we have a long way to go until then so let's focus on the current stuff.

No news on Jeremy Bracco but of course, the college hockey media machine is making it seem like there is absolutely no chance he ends up at BC. From what I am hearing, Toronto is very aware of BC's history with smaller players and thus could be pushing Bracco to attend college this fall. Obviously the rest of the country wants to see him bolt for the CHL so of course they're saying he is going to leave. My guess at this time yesterday was that he was 100% gone but after what I heard today, I am feeling confident about his arrival. I keep getting these messages about how the staff should stop recruiting "mercenaries" (other peoples words). Let's get two things perfectly clear. Neither Noah Hanifin nor Jeremy Bracco is a "mercenary", they're just trying to do what is best for their hockey careers. Of course I want Jeremy to play at BC but the kid's dream is to play in the NHL and whatever path he feels is best for him is the way he should go but don't count BC out just yet. The other complaint I have gotten is about the staff's recruiting strategy when it comes to these "mercenaries". That is ridiculous, they're working as hard as ever this summer after a somewhat disappointing season last year. I have a ton of confidence they will find a way to get Jeremy to campus but if they don't, it isn't the end of the world.

Go Eagles

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