Wednesday, July 1, 2015


These next two to three weeks can be some of the most stressful for the staff as they will try to get a firm grip on next year's roster but unfortunately, things may be falling out of their hands. Let's take a look at what is going on.

Yesterday, a Carolina Hurricanes PR guy tweeted out Noah's number (#5) which led to rampant speculation that the 18 year old defenseman had signed with them but there has been no official word and from what I have heard, he has not made up his mind. From a pure outsiders prospective, it appears that the staff has been under the thinking that Noah would return for one more season but ever since the draft, numerous videos and quotes have been presented that would point in the other direction. In the end, I think there is a better chance than people think of him coming back but based on everything that was said at that draft, and let me be clear, just based on that, I think he will leave but hopefully Coach York can create some magic and get him to return.

The other issue  is the ongoing debate over what Jeremy Bracco is going to do next year. Multiple college hockey reporters have come out and said they think there is a 0% chance Bracco ends up on campus in October and I think everyone at BC was taken aback by his quote at the draft when he basically said he would let the Leafs decide what his path was, although he was careful to say "the focus is on BC". Of course, we all know what happened last year with Milano and how much that desecrated our club. If Bracco is going to bolt, which I am convinced he will because of all the swirling rumors, then hopefully he tells the staff in the next couple days instead of waiting until late August so they can try and bring in a replacement, which I have been told they will do if worst comes to worst.

No truth to the rumor that the fireworks you may have heard today after Eichel announced he was leaving came from Chestnut Hill but in all seriousness, that kid is the most NHL ready hockey player I have ever seen. I think he is going to be an all star and get that team to the playoffs next season, he is that good. I wish him nothing but the very best although I sure am happy he won't be skating against BC any time soon.

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